Our approach

The collaboration with Emsland Group makes Leben Ingredients a privileged and proud Ambassador Partner supporting a reliable and sustainable distribution chain whose aim is to create added values through the distribution of simple and natural ingredients. Leben Ingredients mission is to satisfy its customers by offering high-quality natural products.
The highly skilled and dynamic team is daily committed to providing optimal solutions to the Company Customers and to ensure efficient and effective performances aiming at quality and sustainability, never neglecting the trust Partners and Customers place in Leben Ingredients. At this purpose, the Company cooperates actively with its Partners in order to obtain more and more performing and efficacious products to be used in different sectors.

Leben Ingredients

As a Trade Company for Emsland Group Germany, Leben Ingredients offers a broad range of products, mainly derived from potatoes and peas processing and largely used in several applications.
Attentive to market trends, Leben Ingredients markets a wide range of products for Emsland Group such as clean-labels products, gluten-free, fibre and protein-enriched ingredients, as well as vegan and GMO-free raw products, Kosher and Halal products.