R&D and Application Lab

Leben Ingredients believes that a continuously changing market needs innovative approaches and procedures in order to always achieve optimal results. It is for this belief that the Company team is constantly engaged in finding solutions perfectly fitting the Customer needs. The R. & D. Team devotes to the development of tailor-made products having specific performing and high-quality features.

Leben staff firmly believes innovation is paramount and represents a key-factor in the food sector. Nowadays, it is vital to keep up with the most updated techniques and specifications in order to create customized products fully satisfying specific production processes. This is the reason why Leben Ingredients constantly invests resources and energies on new ideas at the customer service. The Company is proud to introduce its new Application Lab, the reign of experimentations, testing and tasting.

The R&D team is busy to study how raw products can transform and evolve; it continuously seeks for innovative compositions and recipes. The team is constantly engaged in finalizing tailor-made products, always attentive to sustainability, quality and processability.

If you are interested in developing customized products, Leben skilled technicians will be available to experiment and find the best solution for your needs.